Pocket Flosser


Bleeding gums? Say no more...

PocketFlosser is the pain-free way to flush between your teeth and gums using high pressured water or mouthwash with no batteries or wires. Its pressurized manual pump and release technology safely and effectively remove plaque and debris which makes daily oral hygiene care easy, fast, and convenient.

Simple but effective design

A powerful yet easy to use device after brushing and flossing that helps eliminate bacteria under the gums. Just fill it with your favorite mouthwash, pump, and blast away those plaque and bacteria.

Perfect for travel

No more bulky, wired charger, or problems checking in at the airport. PocketFlosser's slim design is the perfect traveling companion along with your toothbrush and floss. Whether you're at the office or planning a trip, PocketFlosser helps make your daily oral hygiene routine a bit more convenient and enjoyable.


"I am a patient with Scleroderma which makes it difficult to floss. I've been using the manual PocketFlosser and it's doing an amazing job at reaching difficult parts of my mouth. I carry it with me everywhere. I recommend it to everyone." -Tracy Green San Diego, Ca